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Who We Are

Founded as a Mexican-American venture in 2004, JAM, LLC is a leader of agriculture and renewable energy in the developing world. Our goal is to increase self-sufficiency while promoting sustainable farming practices.

We are associated with many governments, NGOs, and companies worldwide. See our full list of affiliations for more information.

JAM, LLC is committed to increasing crop production and quality of life for those in the developing world.

Our Mission

JAM, LLC believes in fair business, fair wages, fair prices, and fair trade, and we put these into practice every day. Our corporate responsibility is to improve the lives of everyone we touch by providing open access to education, consultation and management for both the agriculture and renewable energy industries, and our programs for the underprivileged in third-world and developing nations.

We are working to feed, educate, and promote opportunity through agriculture in the developing world and accomplish our mission by offering agriculture management, agricultural education, agricultural consulting and exposure to larger markets. We also partner with local and federal governments in these nations to increase their agricultural self-sufficiency and streamline their export and logistics processes.

Our Projects

We are currently involved in worldwide projects with operations in Central America, Western Africa, Eastern Africa, and Southeast Asia. Visit our projects page for more information.

Current Projects

We are currently involved in projects worldwide. We have operations in Mexico, Central America, (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua), West Africa (Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire), East Africa (Sudan and Ethiopia) and Asia (China and Vietnam).

Future Projects

We are undertaking projects to expand to Angola, Egypt and Mozambique in Africa, and Yemen in Asia.


To learn more about our agriculture projects, please visit our investor relations section.

Our Divisions

JAM, LLC is an umbrella holding company, focusing on the eradication of poverty through agriculture programs. Our divisions include:

Project Title


Farming crops, managing co-ops, agriculture education

Project Title


Non-food sourced renewable energy and agriculture waste

Project Title


Innovative, world-changing non-chemical fertilizers

Project Title


Global agriculture logistics, coming soon

Investment Opportunities

We welcome interest in our international projects to include:

Corporate Finance

Private Finance


Joint Venture

Institutional Partnerships




Contact Us

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